Fireroom… an incredible experience heating up Joburg’s restaurant scene!

8th June 2018

If Instagram alone was a measure of the quality of a restaurants food, then Fireroom, recently opened in Montecasino would be the only Michelin Star restaurant in South Africa.


Rarely has the innovation of a fairly traditional menu been photographed so often in the months following it’s opening.

Owned by veteran restaurateurs Arthur and George Cavallineas, the success of their other restaurant brands Wasabi and Villa Bianca have allowed them to fine-tune a formula that places FireRoom on a par with restaurants double its price.

As the name suggests Fireroom has managed to capitalize on it’s spectacular flaming menu options to categorically dominate the social media buzz around popular Jhb eateries with good reason.

Fireroom takes almost every touch point around the principles of dining, and adds a healthy dash of pinache and flair to create an experience that lingers way beyond the dining experience.

When you are seated a selection of craft gins is presented on the table, with knowledgeable waitrons politely running you through the hand picked varieties, before running through the food specials. Impressively FireRoom is one of the few restaurants in this price category to care about wine pairing, and the staff offer well rehearsed suggestions around the best wine to select based on your final choice of food.

Their signature sushi is as spectacular to eat, as it is to snap, with 4 separate varieties flamed at the table in front of you using a secret cognac based sauce that actually adds to the flavor as well as the visual spectacle. The most popular of these, the FireRolls are by far the most popular, which are a deep fried sushi roll served in a generous portion of 8.

My own favourite Sushi is the Nacho Libre, a deep fried California roll with cream cheese topped with crumbed Nacho’s – delicious!

An extensive main course menu caters for every palette and looking around the favourite seemed to be the impressive array of steaks, flambéed in cognac at the table prior to serving. I’m not a huge fan of fillet, but the Fillet on the bone is a fantastic balance of flavor and texture and served with the mushroom and truffle sauce literally is one of the best steaks in town at the moment.

The more adventurous may want to consider the mammoth 800g Tomahawk steak, I haven’t built up the guts to attempt this yet.

Dessert is as one would expect by now, a theatrical affair with a delicious Raspberry and Nutella crepe prepared basically from scratch at the table before being dressed and served in front of your eyes.

Fireroom is all about the theatre of food, and thankfully the food deserves as much of a standing ovation as the presentation. The service is attentive without becoming overbearing and the ambiance suits a romantic date, or a dinner with your mates.

Pricing is mid to high level, in line if not in my opinion slightly more reasonable than the top end faire on offer in the vicinity and given the talking points around the presentation offers a great deal of entertainment value alongside its culinary delights.

FireRoom is the playground for those who can’t wait to jump into the fire of the unexplored. Who yearn for intense, unforgettable dining experiences. It’s for the high roller who has never lost the knowledge that risk is always rewarding and that ordinary never satisfies those who demand the best.

Give it a try next time you are in the area, and make sure you go hungry! It’s the hottest place in town right now!

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